24-hour notice is required to cancel a session without being charged.

1-Hour Standard Tutoring Rate ($65/hr) 
$65 [1 hour @ $65/hr] 
Online Payment Only (Credit Card / PayPal / BitCoin) 

The standard tutoring rate is for a one-hour session to learn, review, clarify, or study math concepts for an upcoming test or quiz. These appointments are non-refundable and can be booked at the last minute or scheduled up to 7 days in advance. Have a big test tomorrow that you forgot to study for? This is the option for you. 

Bulk-Hour Plan

10-Hour Bulk Plan ($60/hr) 
$600 [10 hours @ $60/hr] 
[***BEST VALUE***] 

The bulk-hour package is designed for students who want ongoing math help throughout the semester. Most students on the bulk-hour plan choose to meet 1-2 times per week over the course of the semester to ensure all math concepts are learned and retained.