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The Happy/Fun Math Tutor

Hours of Operation:
Monday: 12:30pm-2am ET
Tuesday: 12:30pm-2am ET
Wednesday: 12:30pm-2am
Thursday: 12:30pm-2am ET
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED


Happy/Fun Math Tutor Rates

1-Hour Standard Tutoring Rate ($65/hr)
$65 [1 hour @ $65/hr]
Online Payment Only (Credit Card / PayPal / BitCoin)

The standard tutoring rate is for a one-hour session to learn, review, clarify, or study math concepts for an upcoming test or quiz.  These appointments are non-refundable and can be booked at the last minute or scheduled up to 7 days in advance.  Have a big test tomorrow that you forgot to study for?  This is the option for you.

10-Hour Bulk Plan ($60/hr)
$600 [10 hours @ $60/hr]

30-Hour Bulk Plan ($55/hr)
$1,650 [30 hours @ $55/hr]

60-Hour Bulk Plan ($50/hr)
$3,000 [60 hours @ $50/hr]
[***BEST VALUE***]

The bulk-hour packages are designed for students who want ongoing math help throughout the semester.  Most students on bulk-hour plans choose to meet 1-2 times per week over the course of the semester to ensure all math concepts are learned and retained.

*Please make checks payable to: Happy Fun Math Tutor
*Hours are added to an account once the check is processed and clears the bank.
*Checks must be hand delivered at a session (1-2 day processing time).

Test Prep Plans
Students studying for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, CPT, PERT, FCAT, FTCE, TEAS, GRE, GMAT, GED, or a related test can purchase bulk sessions to help prepare for the exam.  Depending upon how comfortable you are with math, anticipate the number of tutoring hours you will need and then select the corresponding bulk-plan (above) that best suits your needs.  We can then design a personalized schedule that meets your needs.

Computer Tutoring
I also tutor Microsoft Excel, website development, online advertising, PC software/hardware issues, and other computer/internet concepts.
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